Today is the day that Portland Oregon gets its first Games Workshop store. Its hours are from 12-6 today, and I for one will be out there. It is exciting, regardless of location, that Portland is getting there first GW location. I will be there today at the stores opening for photos and hopefully a chance to at least meet a couple of the employees there.

So all you Portlander's, its going to be a lot of fun out there today, Hope to see you there. Here is the new stores Facebook page link. The awesome pic above is from their site.

Just to let anyone know in advance, I have another engagement in Seaside later in the day, so I will not be able to hang out long at Eastport Plaza very long.. I will be at the store location a little earlier than the store opens, a chance to get some coffee over at starbucks (with a little wi-fi). In fact I will probably be over at starbucks working on posts for the day until the GW store is ready to open at 12 noon.


  1. One, two, Games Workshop's coming for you...
    Three, four, better look other wargames...
    Five, six, grab your boltgun...
    Seven, eight, gonna a overpriced shop...
    Nine, ten, never buy GW again.

    1. That was the dumbest thing ever...

    2. Why are you reading articles about a company you obviously hate? instead of being a drooling moron who craps on what makes others happy, how about finding something else that makes you happy and leaving us alone?

    3. Obvious troll is obvious, regardless of language.

    4. Because I used to love the Necrons, now are a overpriced piece of shit; the new Space Marine flyer is a horrible miniature; forgefinds looks like cheap dynosaur toys; the White Dwarf was changing and now is a overpriced tolit paper... and I can't expand my 1500 points Space Marine army without leaving me a fortune.

  2. I just met Tyler before store opening. Nice guy. Now just sitting at starbucks getting some work done.

  3. Well, I managed to get in early enough for the 'First to the Fight' swag (which is rather easy since it's a few blocks from my house), a stippler brush and a box of Grey Knights. For those curious, I was the guy who sat in line and ate teriyaki from the shop next door.

  4. You know, this would happen right when the military drops me in North Dakota.


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