Harlequins are a rumored February release, and I have had a few confirmations in come in saying that this is happening. The latest is with nightfury confirming plastic Harlequin getting released, but with no table. Its quite possible that this has not been locked down yet on a release date, as we are still looking at a Necron release towards the end of the month.

Nightfury also chimes in on the flexibility of releases that are a month or so out. While this was not the case years ago, this fits in with other sources talking about the flexibility of the distant release schedule.

Again, thanks to nightfury for chiming in.
Please remember that the Harlequin release is still rumored at this point.

via nightfury in the comment section of Faeit 212
There are definitely plans for a plastic harley release though the time frame is not set in stone (nothing at GW is truly fixed in place and room is always allowed to alter the release scheduling to their whims.. only the next couple of weeks are put to print) an example of this error is a mention at the back of a recent WD refering to the the photo on the last page in every issue featuring usually the latest completed project of one of the employees in the "hobby bunker" this reference pointed to the weeks before model but looking back it was NOT the model spoken of shedding a little insight to the subtle changes that can happen on the fly with any periodical publication
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