A new vehicle is coming out for Harelquins, the Starweaver. Here we had thought the Venom would be the transport of choice.... Perhaps the new Starweaver dedicated transport is a Venom Variant, or something else entirely. The listing for it puts this as a dedicated transport for Harlequin Troupes.

Of course there is more, lets take a look at the rules for next week's Harlequin Troupes.

Please remember that these are rumors, leaks from next week's White Dwarf. Early information like this must be considered to be rumors until officially announced.

Once again I removed the points, but a squad of five is just under a hundred points. I am also assuming that since the squad number can get up to 12, that the transport either carries 6 or 12 models depending on how large this Starweaver is.

Links to earlier Harlequin release information

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Unit of harlequin troupes are 4 Players and a Troupe Master according to next week's White Dwarf.

Holosuit, shuriken pistol, close combat weapon, plasma grenades, flip belt

Special Rules
Fear, fleet, furious charge, and hit and run

Can include up to 7 additional Players
any model can take a fusion pistol or neuro disruptor 12" S1 AP2 fleshbane

Upgrades are a harlequin's embrace-S: user AP- melee embrace of death gives d3 hammer of wrath attacks at S6, harlequins kiss, and harlequins caress. Any model can upgrade
The Troupe Master can take one item from the Enigmas of the Black Library and can select a Starweaver as a dedicated transport.
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