Most everyone is concerned and looking right away for any changes to their current models they field. With that our source has provided some of those changes from the new Necron Codex release that will happen next week. This should really help those that are looking to find the biggest changes.

Please remember that these are rumors until we get an official release. These are coming from someone that has the codex.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Some stat changes I noticed:
Overlords (and the othet special character overlords)- WS and BS 5 instead
of 4
Lords - 2 wounds instead of 1
Cryptek - 2 wounds instead of 1
Orikan the Diviner- once the change in stats happens, it remains for the
entire game!
Flayed ones - same stats but now have 2 weapons (flayer claws, AP5, shred)
so have 4 attacks total.
Triarch praetorians - 2 attacks instead of 1.
Canoptek Wraiths - Toughness 5 instead of 4
Destroyers (both versions) - 2 wounds instead of 1 (finally)
Obelisk - 14 AV all around, instead of 12.

The Phase shifter, which is now 4+ inv save instead of 3+, states
specifically that it doesnt work on the catacomb Barge, just the Overlord.

Death Ray - now is 24" S10, AP1, Heavy 1, Blast, Lance
Doomsday cannon, +1 strength to both profiles (so 8/10)
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