There has been lots of rumors over the last few weeks regarding Necrons, and many of them directed towards leaks from early looks at the White Dwarf. However, I wanted to make a distinct difference in some of the leaks we have lately, because these are direct codex leaks instead of information from White Dwarf, and are very solid. 

Anything that I am not sure of where it came from, or the validity of the information, I am not including. This includes the translated bit from yesterday not being included, although is most likely valid. Its here if you want to add this to your own thoughts.

Decurion Detachments
I have the codex, and I know the new decurion detachment has been a hot issue. Here are the rules for it straight from the codex.
-The Decurion Detachment is a special type of detachment that can be included in any battle-forged army
-Units cannot normally belong to more than one detachment, units from a formation that is part of a Decurion Detachment are an exeption and are both part of their formation and the detachment with both command benefits and special rules
-If the Warlord is a part of a Decurion Detachment, that entire Decurion Detachment is your primary detachment
-You can take Combined Arms and Allied Detachments and/or Decurion Detachments for Battle-Forged Armies

Special Rules and Warlord Traits
Necron Special RulesReanimation Protocols are for whenever a model suffers an unsaved wound and can be used against "no saves of any kind" as RA is not a saving throw. It also works against instant death weapons, but not destroyer or removed from play. Standard is a 5+ and can never be improved better than a 4+. If you have fnp, and RA, you must choose which one to use., but not both. 
Living Metal ignores shaken results but still loses a hull point. On the roll of a 6 at the end of the round, regain a lost hull point.
Warlord Traits1. Warlord has Eternal Warrior2. Warlord has Zealot3. Warlord and friendlies within 12" re-roll failed morale, pinning and fear4. While warlord is alive, add or subtract 1 to reserve rolls and seize the initiative after the roll is made5. Warlord and friendles within 12" have relentless and crusader 6. Warlord must accept challenges and re-rollls all failed to hit rolls in challenges. If an enemy refuses a challenge the Warlord gains hatred for rest of game.
 Stat Changes
Some stat changes I noticed:Overlords (and the othet special character overlords)- WS and BS 5 insteadof 4Lords - 2 wounds instead of 1Cryptek - 2 wounds instead of 1Orikan the Diviner- once the change in stats happens, it remains for theentire game!Flayed ones - same stats but now have 2 weapons (flayer claws, AP5, shred)so have 4 attacks total.Triarch praetorians - 2 attacks instead of 1.Canoptek Wraiths - Toughness 5 instead of 4Destroyers (both versions) - 2 wounds instead of 1 (finally)Obelisk - 14 AV all around, instead of 12.
The Phase shifter, which is now 4+ inv save instead of 3+, statesspecifically that it doesnt work on the catacomb Barge, just the Overlord.
Death Ray - now is 24" S10, AP1, Heavy 1, Blast, LanceDoomsday cannon, +1 strength to both profiles (so 8/10)
Powers of the C'tan
Note that the datacards include a deck of the c'tan powers so you can shuffle those and draw a card instead of rolling.
All powers are 24" except the Tesseract Vault which has a range of 48". Tesseract Vault powers are are the same strength and ap, but longer ranged and other changes noted below.
1. Powers of the C'tanAntimatter Meteor -S8 AP3  lg blast-Tesseract Vault  Apoc Blast
2. Cosmic Fire - S6 AP4 lg blast ignores cover-Tesseract Vault  Apoc blast ignores cover
3. Seismic Assault - S6 AP4 assault 10 strikedown-Tesseract Vault  Assault 20 strikedown
4. Sky of Falling Stars - S7 AP4 assault 3 lg blast barrage-Tesseract Vault assault 6 apoc barrage
5. Time's Arrow - SD AP1 precision shot-Tesseract Vault  assault 2 precision shots
6. Transdimensional Thunderbolt -S9 AP1 Tesla-Tesseract Vault assault 2 Tesla
*Tesla:  When firing this weapon a to hit roll of 6 causes 2 extra hits. Snap shots dont do extra hits.
 Specifics about the C'tan
The C'tan are not generalized into one generic unit like some people are concerned. Each gets its own entry and costs around the same point costs of a Land Raider, with the Transcendent costing an extra 10pts which also carries with it an extra wound giving it a 5 wounds. I would of expected a higher toughness, but  S7 and T7 is all around. Transcendent has an additional Strength.
Powers of the C'tan work like this; Pick your target and then roll for power. 
All of them share some powers of eternal warrior, and fearless, Immune to natural law- ignoring terrain, and Necrodermis- 4++ and exploding on death-any models within d6" suffer S4 AP1 hits. 
The biggest differences are in their remaining powersNightbringer- fleshbane and Gaze of Death targets non-vehicles 12" and takes AP2 wounds equal to 3d6 minus leadership
Deceiver- hit and run, Dread-enemy units within 12" -2 leadership, and Grand Illusion- after scouts redeploy d3 units within 12"and the deceiver through normal deployment or put in reserves.
Transcendent- Deepstrike, and Writhing Worldscape- open ground in 6" is difficult terrain.

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