Harlequins really are looking to be a multi-week release, and it will be a ton of fun to see just how far it goes. I have heard someone saying 4 weeks, but I think it was speculation and not based on anything. 2-3 weeks seems very doable right now at this point, and I have already dug out my old metal Harlies.

I am compiling some rumors, simply because with all the information coming over the last few days (its been crazy here), I wanted to get all the info that had a lot of faith in, into on place.

Another odd thing is that people keep saying the Starweaver is a jetbike. According to these its a dedicated transport of some kind.

Also I have an to answer the leaked pic that a lot of people keep pointing to as a leaked Harlequin pic. Is it real?

via the same source......as the info below
yes its real, its from the cover of next weeks's White Dwarf

Here is next week-Harlequin Troupe: 6 models $40-Harlequin Solitaire: 1 model $26
-Horus Heresy: Tallarn Executioner John French hardback 125pgs $25-The Masque of Vyle: by Andy Chambers Hardback 128pages $20-Path of the Dark Eldar Omnibus: by Andy Chambers paperback 128pgs $17.50-Warhammer Visions issue 13: 236pgs $12
Also the hints for next week for issue 54 on Saturday 7 Feb*The Dance Continues*Exclusive Warhammer 40k Mission*Some Very Converted Orks

A new Solitaire model. He is in a dynamic pose leaping into the air with one hand out front and his harlequin caress hidden from his target reared back ready to strike the final blow. the model is supported by his jacket on the base. He has a high collar with a demon mask on his face complete with two horns.infantry (character) uniqueWS9 BS9 T3 W3 A6WargearHolosuit, Harlequin's caress, Harlequin's kiss, flip belt
Special Rulesdeepstrike, eternal warrior, fear, fearless, fleet, furious charge, hit and run, precision strikes.
Blitz- once per game can blitz. Roll a d6 equal to the turn number, and that is the distance he moves and ignores all models and terrain. When blitzing his attacks are increased to 10.
3+ invul saveCannot ever be joined by another character, and cannot take warlord traitsCan move 12" in the movement phase.
Can take haywiremay take one item from the "Enigmas of the Black Library" list
Harlequin caress S: user AP -  ,melee, Caress of Death any 6 to hit causes an automatic wound regardless of of toughness at ap2, against vehicles a to hit of 6 auto glances
Harelquin kiss S: user AP- melee, kiss of death. One attack is a kiss of death, resolved at S6 ap2 and if a 6 is rolled its instant death
Flip belt- not slowed by difficult terrain and no penalty for charging through cover. also 2+ look out sir rolls. 

Unit of harlequin troupes are 4 Players and a Troupe Master according to next week's White Dwarf.
WargearHolosuit, shuriken pistol, close combat weapon, plasma grenades, flip belt
Special RulesFear, fleet, furious charge, and hit and run
Can include up to 7 additional Playersany model can take a fusion pistol or neuro disruptor 12" S1 AP2 fleshbane
Upgrades are a harlequin's embrace-S: user AP- melee embrace of death gives d3 hammer of wrath attacks at S6, harlequins kiss, and harlequins caress. Any model can upgradeThe Troupe Master can take one item from the Enigmas of the Black Library and can select a Starweaver as a dedicated transport.

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