This morning Forgeworld revealed a new picture in the studio of a new heavy tank coming soon. Of course we already know what this is as its been discussed online before. Lets take a look at this new baneblade variant, the Auxilia Stormhammer Super-Heavy Tank.

Here is where I first saw the information on this new tank over a month ago, as it was revealed in the last Horus Heresy book: Conquest. You can see the entire page showing the stats, weaponry, and point costs of this new tank by following the link.

Here is a more complete picture of this tank. Definitely looks like it.

via 40k Wiki
The Stormhammer is a super-heavy tank of the Imperial Guard and is the rarest variant of the Baneblade super-heavy tank. The Stormhammer is one of the most powerful tanks ever deployed by the Imperium in terms of its pure firepower on the battlefield, and it is believed to be the most heavily armed tank currently used by the Imperium of Man‘s armed forces during the 41st Millennium. As a result, the Stormhammer is the rarest of the Baneblade tank variants in use by the Imperial Guard, or any other Imperial faction.
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