There are some good details in this rumor, that reveal a new Bloodthirster model from Games Workshop. This would be a huge release, especially how big the rumor has this model being.

Please remember that this is a rumor.

via Captain Citadel on the Bols Lounge
The Plastic Bloodthirster is real.
Kit makes three models a normal bloodthirster with whip and Axe of Khorne, one wielding a monstrous two-handed axe, third has a doubleheaded axe and super long chain flail. The wings are really big - the model is almost as big as Nagash, and is extra tall. It is sculpted on top of a flickering flame. There are three different heads with different types of horns and helmets. Large armoured hooves, thigh straps, regular upper body strapps and gladiator kindof armour. Super muscular, like a super ripped world's strongest man mixed with a Khorne daemon.
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