There are some new Necron items that are hitting the web, and this time they are from an ongoing compilation of information that tastytaste has been putting together. There are unit entries, wargear, and artifacts listed on his compilation that are worth checking out including a lot that was already posted here before.

Please remember that these are rumors and leaked information bits from all over.

Here is a link to his full article.

via TastyTaste on Bok
Tesla: Doesn't work when Snap-Firing
Chronometron: The model and his unit have 5+ invuln. against shooting attacks

Dispersion shield:  Model has 3+ invulnerable., cannot claim Two Weapon bonus

Fabricator Claw Array: During shooting phase, instead of shooting, a model with the claw can repair a single friendly vehicle in base contact. D6 roll: on a 4+, restore a hull point or repair weapon destroyed or immobilized result, effective immediately.

Gloom Prism: Model and all units within 12" have Adamantium Will.

Mindshackle Scarabs:  During a challenge, model with the scarabs causes Fear tests take on 3d6.

Nebuloscope: Grants Ignores Cover

Phase Shifter:  4+ invulnerable save, Vehicles are not granted bonus.

Phylactery:,It Will Not Die, Vehicles get bonus

Shadowloom: +1 cover save

Shield Vanes: 3+ armour save

Artefacts of the Aeons:
Gauntlet of Conflagrator:, Template, S7 AP2, Assault 1, One Use Only

Nightmare Shroud: , 2+ armour save and fear. Once per game can force enemy unit within 18" to take a morale check (Fearless and Know No Fear units are immune)

Orb of Eternity  One use only, Resurrection Orb with +1 to Reanimation Protocols

Solar Staff: 15pts, 12", S5 AP3, Assault 3, Blind, Solar Pulse - Once per game, at the start of any turn, cancel night fighting for the turn. When activated, enemy units can only fire snap shots at the model and its unit until the staff bearer's next turn.

Veil of Darkness:  Deep strike. Once per game, can remove itself and its unit from the table and immediately deep strike somewhere else (even if locked in assault)

Voidreaper:  S+2 AP2, Melee, Armourbane, Fleshbane, Master Crafted, Two Handed

Resurrection Orb: One use only. Re-roll all Reanimation Protocols for one Phase

Quantum Shielding: No Change

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