Straight from the Eternal Crusade Team for the New Year, 5 Founder's Pack codes are to be given away on Faeit 212. As you know we have been following this game for quite some time now, and getting a Founders Pack will give you entry to the early access modules that we have been discussing as well as items from the Rogue Trader Store. So if you are not already part of the Founder's Program, here is your chance. (or win one for your buddy)

What I have is 5 Warrior Packs. These have a $40 value, and getting 5 of them to giveaway on the site was quite unexpected. This means you have a great chance to win one of these.

A Game key and Founder program exclusives including 40,000 points to be used in the Rogue Trader and early game module access.

Warrior Pack
A Game key and 4 character slots ($40 value) with Warrior Founder program exclusives including:
40,000 RTP to Spend in the Rogue Trader
Pre-Launch Game Access – First come, first serve!
Early Game Module Access – 60 Days after Initial Access – Third Wave
Founder Gift Items – Two per faction!
Arkhona Vanguard Title
Exclusive Founder Lounge Access in Forum
Reserve Character Name
Reserve Guild Name

NOTE: For now, Founder packs will only be for PC and Mac versions of the game.

How To Win Your Founder's Pack
We are just getting into the new year, and I am sure many of you already have started to slack off  (like myself) on getting some modelling/ painting done. So to help inspire you and others, here is what you must do to enter the giveaway.

Simply provide an entry for What's On Your Table.
     -Up to 8 pictures of whatever it is that you are currently working on. Conversions, painting, batreps, anything you would be willing to share hobby related. WIP projects are fine, are often what is on What's Your Table.
     - send them to
     -these will be shared and put into the What's On Your Table article series that is highlighted almost nightly on this site.
     -To give you some time to get some modelling going, What's On Your Table submissions will count towards the giveaway from now through January 31st. This should give readers time to get their entries put together to enter the contest.
     -the 5 winners will be selected randomly from everyone that enters and winner announced on Sunday, February 1st.

The chances of winning will be high, so jump on it today, and lets get started. If you are not familiar with What's On Your Table, here is a link to one of the most recent.
What's On Your Table: Necrons

I want to thank Miguel, William, Garrett, and Mathieu for supplying the five $40 Founder Packs for us here on Faeit 212.

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