Leaked images are out showing off the this weeks releases, and new information on exactly what the Stormfiends are and the massive array of weapons they can have. Lets take a look at these new units for Skaven. These are really interesting.

Here is a link to the images for this weeks releases

Consider these rumors, until we see leaks or get an official release.

via Old Primarch Missed in the Eye of Terror
Stormfiend are montrous infantry wearing light armour
Unit size is 3+
Rare Unit
85pts per model.

each one must take a weapon listed below, but with no restrictions on how many of each or in any combination. They cost no additional points.
1)Doom-flayer gauntlets: +2 str with impact hits d3
2)Grinderfists: str5 count as magical weapons, dont roll to hit/ does d3 hits, and tunneler special rule(place marker and scatter from it-come in on a 2+ each round)
3)Ratling Cannons:18" range Str5 armour piercing, multiple shots 3d6, quick to fire, count as magical, suffer no penalties for long range or multiple shots,
4)Shock Gauntlets: +1 str and does d3 hits when making a stomp. ignore armour saves
5)Warpfire Projectors: template, str5, flaming attacks, multiple wounds d3, move or fire, quick to fire, magical weapon, on misfire does d6 hits to closest friendly unit
6)Windlaunchers: 6-24" range, plague wind (template and wounds on a 4+ with no armour save), magical weapon, scatters if misfires.

Stormfiends re-roll to wound with their weapons.

if equipped with doomflayer gauntlets or shock gauntlets, they also have warpstone-laced armour that gives them a 4+ armour save against all wounds. Any with warpstone laced armour take wounds first.
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