Here are some clarifications to the rules that were sent in earlier today regarding the new Necron codex. So check out below.

Please remember that these are still rumors, and are regarding the new Necron codex, and the rumors from an earlier post.

via TKoS on Faeit 212
Ok, I just want to clarify the rumor for those who think I can't write good 
(it was early in the day and I was kind of groggy).

In the new codex, there will be 3 generic HQ options, the Overlord, 
Destroyer Lord, and the new cryptex/Lord unit.  You may take one if these 
units for every Overlord in the detachment, and they do not fill an HQ slot.

There is also a new formation named Royal Court.  In this formation you 
must take one Overlord, 1+ lords, and 1+ cryptex.
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