More Necron information leaks are here, this time looking at Special Rules and Warlord Traits. While Warlord Traits are always hit or miss in my opinion, its worth taking a look at the Reanimation Protocols and Living Metal rules for the new Necron Codex.

Please remember that these must be considered rumors until we get an official release. The source on this is very solid, and I am hoping to get more questions answered as the day goes on .

If you missed his previous bits of information regarding the Decurion Detachment rules, here is the link.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Necron Special Rules
Reanimation Protocols are for whenever a model suffers an unsaved wound and can be used against "no saves of any kind" as RA is not a saving throw. It also works against instant death weapons, but not destroyer or removed from play. Standard is a 5+ and can never be improved better than a 4+. If you have fnp, and RA, you must choose which one to use., but not both. 

Living Metal ignores shaken results but still loses a hull point. On the roll of a 6 at the end of the round, regain a lost hull point.

Warlord Traits
1. Warlord has Eternal Warrior
2. Warlord has Zealot
3. Warlord and friendlies within 12" re-roll failed morale, pinning and fear
4. While warlord is alive, add or subtract 1 to reserve rolls and seize the initiative after the roll is made
5. Warlord and friendles within 12" have relentless and crusader 
6. Warlord must accept challenges and re-rollls all failed to hit rolls in challenges. If an enemy refuses a challenge the Warlord gains hatred for rest of game.
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