New Warhammer models are said to be in the works, and this follows a rumor that happened earlier in the week regarding some 40k models as well.

here is a link to the previous set from the source. The Dragon kit sounds awesome.

These come from a Facebook 40k Group. Larry on Bols says they are from a trusted source, so we will see.

via the birds in the trees
Chaos: Very large Dragon kit, spotted in the process of being painted up. Two-headed, very serpentine in pose. Mounted by a Chaos Knight. Taller than Nagash enormous wings dwarf its large base. Said to be truly stunning.

Dwarfs: Large golem built of boulders/stone, covers with runes. Dwarfs atop it manning a platform mounted gunpowder weapon.

Orcs: New Boar-riders kit. New modern dynamic poses, with fully armored & armed Ork cavalry atop, leaning far forward in their saddles.

In various stages of development, time to market unknown.

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