I am not on top of my game today, and fallen a little sick. However, that does not mean that interesting rumor bits and pieces dont come in. So yes, while I am calling in sick, I am putting together a quick post showing some of the interesting things that have come in that I have not had the time to investigate further, but were on my list to look into today.

Games Workshop Youtube
GW recently changed the name and imagery of their YouTube account from Games Workshop WNT to Warhammer TV. It might be a sign of a future update to their brand, coupled with that one brick-and-mortar in England changing its storefront name to Warhammer a couple of months back.

A look at the Nightbringers point costs

Imperial Armour 8
It looks like they are selling the last copies of IA volume 8.

Orks and Goblins
Just noticed on the UK site that the O&G battalion is showing 'sold out' not sure what this means or if its news, thought I'd let you know
Have you received any rumors surrounding Warhammer Fantasy Goblins - the webstore looks like its gearing up for a new release, specifically the Common Goblins.
- Battalion is "No Longer Available"- Goblin regiment, Wolf Riders,Nasty Skulkers, Goblin Shaman are "Out of Stock" and have been for a while now.
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