It seems some information is leaking about the forces found in the Endtimes: Archaon. This continues the information leaks that we have had on the next Endtimes book. So bookmark these, because from the looks of it, you will want to re-read these after you read Thanquol this weekend.

Please remember that these are rumors. This continues the information that was sent in. Here are some links to previous rumors on the Endtimes Archaon.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Here is a little more about Endtimes Archaon that I have seen. This is not complete, and I wish I had a better look at these. sorry. This is as much as I can get.

Sigvald has some great battle and is featured in the background.

The Legion of Flame
Vritch the Curseling
The Azure Princes
The Fireborne
The Crowfane Horde
Sons of the StormDark

Fiends and Betrayers
Drycha and Coeddil
The Carnival of Silence
The Cult of the Blood Queen
The Wildkin

The Blood Hunt
3 Named Greater Daemons- BloodThirsters I mentioned earlier
The Huntskards
The Hounds
The Barbadax

The Berserker Onslaught
Character I Cant recall
Valkia the Bloody
The Skullrage
The Goremongers

Defenders of the Dead and Buried
Vlad Von Carstein
Mannfred Von Carstein
Lothor Harkon
Captain Drekla
The Drakenhof Templars
The Nosantra, Mannfreds Lieutenants

The Stolen and the Rotten
Isabella the Accursed
The Nameless
The Legion of Soulblight
Pusregnant the Glorious -not spelled right
The Dominated Dead

The Host of Life
Alarielle  incarnate of life
The Everguard
The Ashenhawks
The Sisters of the Eternal Grove
Neastra and Arahan

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