Warhammer Fantasy 9th Edition rumors have been very dramatic, and while I do expect big changes to come, a reader here has offered a reasonable suggestion and thoughts on the new editions rumors of "Bubblehammer".

Just a heads up, if you are still reading the latest Endtimes books the bit below may hold some small spoilers. Just be warned.

via a reader on Faeit 212
So I am almost finished reading the latest End Times book and i reckon i 
have the source of the rumours for the 'bubbleworld' for 9th edition.

Kroak saves chunks of Lustria in bubbles which go off into space with the 
Slann temple-spaceships. Only chunks of Lustria go off though not chunks of 
the whole world - the last chapter about Middenheim is a year after the 
Kroak bubbles.

I think someone has read the books - or flicked through - seen the bubble 
bit and made a huge leap to 'bubblehammer'.

My guess is that the bubblehammer is nonsense
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