9th Edition Warhammer Fantasy rumors have really gone past the drama stage. By looking at the precedence of how 40k has been opened up over the last year, I think Fantasy is about to take the same plunge. Of course with rumors of round bases, armies being removed, and much worse, I took one of the more recent conversations I have had, and figured it was worth sharing with the audience in general.

I want to reiterate that these are my own opinions based on what we have heard in rumors.
Answers as I see them from what the rumors are saying.

We start off with my response to someone asking me if I thought armies would be removed.
Just a heads up, and I know I have said it before regarding these rules in particular. Dwarves, lizardmen, and Ogres are not going away. They are not removing or squatting any armies in 9th edition. Out of the rumors for 9th edition, only two of those sets have any real solidarity, the one from our anonymous source is the best and most direct answer you will get regarding 9th, as is Darnok's first rumor set.

It was because of Darnok's first rumor set, that I received the response we got, to clear some things up. There may be some gaps in both of those bits as well, but no army is being removed.

I understand from rumours that ogres dwarves and empire shall be combined? right? but we cant use our army books, there wont be an ogre army itself or dwarf? 
Even if combined, the rumors say that you will be able to field them with your old army books, and that the new edition with combined factions will not invalidate current army books.

My final question; do you think that 9th edition shall change the future of warhammer fantasy? Do you think that  the game shall be quite different or do you think that there wont be a 9th edition, in fact it will be another game which is warhammer? 
The game play is supposed to be very similar to what you know now. There will most likely be some changes but not a drastic overhaul to game play. Factions may be different along with backstory, but army books not replaced so that you can play how you want. The new edition is supposed to open things up, not shut things down. 

Do you think one day both rules of warhammer 40k and warhammer fantasy shall be the same?

And final question this time its final..:), do you suppose armies get round bases ? its like a death sentence for armies. it is very diffucult to change these bases? it is very sad to hear that? 
Yes I think they will. Who knows right now though, as it may change. I see new model kits for fantasy coming with round bases. However, I think the rules will allow you to base your models with square or round bases. This way people can field their old armies or create new ones with round bases. I think the rules will say something clever, "bases are more of an aesthetic" and you can do whichever you like.

thank you very much for your consideration, i hope to have an answers from you, thank you...
Above all else, remember that what I am saying is based off of rumor. I dont have any special knowledge beyond what we were told. This is how I see the changes taking place that were mentioned. Games Workshop has focused on opening up the game in Warhammer 40k, and will most likely being doing the same for Fantasy.
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