Please do not read this if you do not want to have this spoiled for you when you pick up your book. Of course I have not read this yet personally myself, but this is what was sent in from someone that got their book a day early.

The Fate of Lizardmen may just be answered below the break.

Please remember that I personally have not read the book, as its not released yet. Here is the spoiler from someone that says they have it.

via a reader on Faeit 212
a buddy of mine got his copy of the 4th End Times book yesterday and he
already read through it. Maybe you and your readers are intrested in some
little Stuff


Seems like lizardman are gone!
in short, Skaven have built a gigantic canon over the course of several
hundred years and with that they shot down Morrslieb, one of the Moons of
the Warhammer World.
The resulting rain of moonchunks down onto the planet destroyed a large
part of the Lizardsmans' continent, turning it into a burning wasteland. The
surviving Lizards gathered on one of the remaining parts and to keep it
simple: ripped it out of the ground through magic and flew away.

seems like dem reptiles are gone.
last page of the book shows an artwork of acharon coming out of a chaos
portal with a verminlord next to him.

Spoiler end

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