OK, Its really here, Harlequins. We get to start off with a great release, Harlequin Troupe boxset and Solitaire! check this out!

Please remember that this is an early look at next week. As such consider it a rumor, but from a source that doesnt miss. A lot of happiness coming, and today will be lots of Harlequin talk and News.

It doesnt end next week either. The Dance Continues

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Here is next week

-Harlequin Troupe: 6 models $40
-Harlequin Solitaire: 1 model $26

-Horus Heresy: Tallarn Executioner John French hardback 125pgs $25
-The Masque of Vyle: by Andy Chambers Hardback 128pages $20
-Path of the Dark Eldar Omnibus: by Andy Chambers paperback 128pgs $17.50
-Warhammer Visions issue 13: 236pgs $12

Also the hints for next week for issue 54 on Saturday 7 Feb
*The Dance Continues
*Exclusive Warhammer 40k Mission
*Some Very Converted Orks
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