The Powers of the C'tan have been hotly contested and looked at since it was revealed that the powers are randomly generated on a dice (or drawn from the deck of cards). So this morning we have a look at the powers of the C'tan.

Please remember that these are rumors until we get an official release. These are from someone with the codex.

vi an anonymous source on Faeit 212
Note that the datacards include a deck of the c'tan powers so you can shuffle those and draw a card instead of rolling.

All powers are 24" except the Tesseract Vault which has a range of 48". Tesseract Vault powers are are the same strength and ap, but longer ranged and other changes noted below.

1. Powers of the C'tan
Antimatter Meteor -S8 AP3  lg blast
-Tesseract Vault  Apoc Blast

2. Cosmic Fire - S6 AP4 lg blast ignores cover
-Tesseract Vault  Apoc blast ignores cover

3. Seismic Assault - S6 AP4 assault 10 strikedown
-Tesseract Vault  Assault 20 strikedown

4. Sky of Falling Stars - S7 AP4 assault 3 lg blast barrage
-Tesseract Vault assault 6 apoc barrage

5. Time's Arrow - SD AP1 precision shot
-Tesseract Vault  assault 2 precision shots

6. Transdimensional Thunderbolt -S9 AP1 Tesla
-Tesseract Vault assault 2 Tesla

*Tesla:  When firing this weapon a to hit roll of 6 causes 2 extra hits. Snap shots dont do extra hits.
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