Here is another set regarding Necron rules and changes in the new codex. These come off of Warseer, where the source showed a brief tiny pic of part of the codex (to prove his information). The only things here is that it was all translated, but should give some good insight to even more Necron insights.

Please remember that these are still rumors until we get an official release.

via antaonix on Warseer
I got some news from my source. I translate it to english. "reanimation protocol now activates like Fantasy's ward save. if you failed a Armor save or cannot make armor save, you immediately make a reanimation protocol roll. It still 5+."
"Also, resurrection orb is now one use only. If you use it, you can reroll current phase's protocol." "Doom scythe's Death ray changed to S10 ap1 Small template Weapon."

Hi guys, New information for the necron here. Again, I just translated it to english. I'm not native speaker so please understand poor translation

1. Reanimation protocol changed like Fantasy's ward save. Can be used at Instant Death.
2. Resurrection orb now gives reroll of current phase's protocol. One use only.
3. Lychguard and Praetorian guard's point value almost halved.
4. Invul save of lychguard now same as storm shield. But no reflection.
5. Praetorian's magic stick's range increased to 12"
6. Triarch stalker now have ability which increasing nearby unit's BS.
7. At start of Each turn, Nemesor Zandrek pick one of the Warlord trait of Codex or rulebook and use it until next turn.
8. He still applies nearby enemy unit's special rule to himself.
9. All the fliers nerfed. Point increase and Weapon's power decrease.
10. Cryptek is now HQ slot.
11. Mss got serious nerf.
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