The latest making its way around the internet today, is that army books will have a new option soon, softcover. We have seen this with the Endtimes, so its not surprising that this will happen, but is moving to paperback the right move? After all how many different ways do we currently have to buy our armybooks and codices?

Lets take a look, and include 40k in the mix with Softcovers included.
Digital ebook
Digital Interactive
Limited Edition (and sometimes multiples)

So yes, that is 6 different ways. I understand the push for more flexibility, but I am at the point now where I am wondering if GW is just throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks. A year or so ago, we all wanted digital formats, and possibly hardcovers, but with so many different editions of the same book being available, it feels like we have gone over the deep end.

Yes, cheaper codices and army books might sell more of them, but this barrage of formats is starting to make my head spin and wonder which one of these will be discontinued when things start to get scaled back.

Please remember that this is currently a rumor, and if you have not been to the Spikey Bits forums, its a worthwhile place to check out.

via Brass Scorpion on Spikey Bits Forums!
Paperback Army Books are back!
Some of you astute GW customers out there may have noticed that the Tomb Kings army book has been out of print for a few months. This is because it is moving to paperback! The new price will also be significantly cheaper too. Instead of the $49.50 US hardback Army book price it will be about $37 US and change. Perhaps we can presume this shift to cheaper paperbacks will be seen in other Army and Codex books over time. We'll just have to wait and see.
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