This question may have come up if you are a Blood Angel player in regards to bringing a second Relic of the Armory for 40k games using Forgeworld rules.

Here is the question from a reader on Faeit 212 (I did not have permission to use his name at the time of this article.)
With the new Blood Angels codex, the Reclusiarch has been removed.  This model was the necessary HQ unit that was used to bring a second Relic of the Armory for 40k via the Forge World rules, meaning that the Blood Angels codex cannot currently bring a second Relic of the Armory.  The only unique unit to the codex of equivalent "rank" as per the other codices would be the Sangiunary Priest. Is this the model that would need to be taken for the second Relic of the Armory, or will another model need to be used?  

Forgeworld's Response
We have looked at this situation and our house rule to cover it is that a Blood Angels force would need to include a Chaplain as Keeper of the Relics in order to use more than one Relic vehicle.
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