A Reclamation legion is the backbone of the new Decurion Detachment, but also appears it might be a formation on its own as well with its own special rules. Here is the latest Necron information

Please remember that these are rumors until officially announced. here is a link to the article that discusses the Decurion Detachment if you missed it yesterday. http://natfka.blogspot.com/2015/01/leaked-necron-formations.html

via Old Primarch missed in the Eye of Terror on Faeit 212
Here are the special rules for a Reclamation Legion
Move through cover

Enhanced Reanimation Protocols: Re-roll reanimation protocols of a 1 within 12 inches of the overlord

The overlord may be replaced with Nemesor, Trazyn, Anrakyr or a Catacomb Command barge

Reclamation Legion
*1 Overlord
*0-2 Lychguard
*1-4 Immortals
*2-8 Necron Warriors
*1-3 Tomb Blades
*0-3 Monoliths
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