The Chaos Marine rumors seem to be coming in, and although they seem like they are a distant release, Steve the Warboss has been correct many times in the past about future releases. Lets check out his latest offerings in the rumor department for Cult Marines

Please remember that these are rumors. I am not completely sure if these are changes to his information, or just something further he has heard or uncovered.

via Steve the Warboss on Faeit 212
Yesterday I send you rumors about Traitor Marines. Now i have become a different rumor:

-No own Profiles/Choices for Cult Marines in the Codex
-Cult Marines are "upgrades" for the most of the CSM Units

Here is his previous set about Cult Marines. It seems that while they may not get their own entries, options for them may still exist with the above rumors.
I have interesting rumors about CSM:
-No Cult Marines in the Codex
-Few Rule changes
-Dataslates for Cult Marines, Terminators, Chosen ect. in the WD

-One God per Issue (own slates for Berzerker Termis, Plague Termis ect.)
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