A second set of information about the Endtimes: Archaon is coming in, and this time with a few bits of information regarding models, both new and a couple entries that will be using the current models.

Please remember that these are early rumors.

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212
I wanted to restate that Archaon is on his steed on the cover of book 2, but its not a new model. There are other characters I have seen briefly, like 
-Grimgor, Incarnate of Beasts. The model shown is the same as the current model.
-Balthasar, Incarnate of Metal. Same model again as is current

New models I have seen, include a kit that makes three bloodthirster models. These are in the book and are different Monster (characters). They range from 400-550pts. 

Taken from memory they are 
-Headmen of Khorne with Wrathaxe and Bloodflail standing on flames leaping into the air
-Unfettered Fury with Axe and Whip standing on the ground
-Reaver of the Bloody Path with two handed great axe standing leaping high on flames

Also two new units with new models
-Skullreapers: The Chosen of Khorne with 2 handed swords and other weapons
-Wrathmongers: The Bringers of the Bloodstorm with chain like flails
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