As word of Harlequins is starting to take shape, rumors are saying that we will be seeing 1 clampack and 2 boxsets for model releases. This follows the original rumors right before Christmas of 2 multiple plastic kits, including Sky Weavers (jetbikes).

here is the original rumor from Darnok
After that come.... Harlequins. Multiple plastic kits and clampacks (spread over several weeks), including new jetbikes (called sky weavers).

Please remember that these are still rumors. Now that we have the "Dance of Death" rumors from this morning, it looks like these are very much on the way.

via Steve the Warboss
Harlequin Release Details
-1 Clampack
-2 Box Sets
-First Set is a Jetbike Unit
-Second Set is a Combi for two Infantry Units
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