We have seen the leaked images for this week already, and if you missed them this weekend they are listed below. What is interesting is that we have had rumors of a Tzeentch Daemonkin release coming up, and one of the leaked images mentions them. Now that doesn't equate to anything really on its own, but with rumors abound of a Tzeentch release coming, it could end being one more piece to the puzzle.

I have not yet seen the US prices for this week's release, nor next weeks hints, so there is still quite a bit to learn about this coming weekend.

Here is the latest information.

Space Marines
via Neratius on Bolter and Chainsword
This Week's Pre-Orders and leaked images

Codex: Space Marines
Codex: Space Marines limited Edition
Datacards: Space Marines

Space Marine Devastator Squad
Space Marine Battleforce
Blood Angels Battleforce
Dark Angels Battleforce

Dark Angels
We are also looking at Dark Angels release due to a info that is from Warhammer Visions
via Timotheus on Bolter and Chainsword

The side text translates to-
The thousands sons and their demonic allies didnt expect

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