The Grand Opening at the Games Workshop Hobby center in Portland today was a lot of fun. I showed up a little early and was able to talk to Tyler, the store manager for the store. Very nice guy, who seems to be very much on top of what is going on.

There were lots of people there, and the lines to get into the store were extremely long. Inside the store, people were literally shoulder to shoulder, as Portland made a very good showing for its new hobby store.

The highlights at least on my end, was connecting with so many players that I do not see that often. There were people that traveled all the way from Seattle and Salem to take part of the opening. You can see from the pics how many people made a showing. I was very proud of Portland's showing today.

As for the GW staff, they were truly interested in what people were working on, and amazingly knew many peoples names an hour or so later (something I know my memory could never do). Great showing for Tyler here in Portland, and I know that Chicago will miss him.

Here are the Highlights with Pics

*The massive line waiting for the store to open
*A friend of mine lining up his flamers in an almost perfect line for the template, in a 500pt game.
*The huge crowd inside the store
*Even when I left an hour or so after opening, there was still a line outside.

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