Some models to share that I have on my work table right now are the Shaltari Ronin and the PHR Immortal Longreach Teams. You can see the size of the Ronin with the UCM Mortar teams behind them, as well as the new Scourge Eviscerators.

The Ronin are easy to put together, as you can see how they come out of the pack with a little trimming here and there, and choosing which arms to put on which suit. The PHR Longreach teams require nothing of the sort, simply taking the models, trimming any excess and gluing to the base.

Great models, and while I have faced down the Longreach teams in a game against me already, I truly fear the Shaltari Alpha Strike rules. Shaltari are tough to fight as it is.

Here are some links to the rules for each of these new units, and some more pics to check out.


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