Stormcast Paladins are what is apparently in line for next week. Its one release/week at this point until Khorne Age of Sigmar releases start. I'd imagine its going to be single releases then as well.

For next week the Stormcast Eternal Paladins have different names based on what weapon they bear, Retributors, Decimators, or Protectors.

via Lady Atia
– “next week are the Stormcast Eternals Paladins – Retributors (hammers), Decimators (axes), Protectors (glaives)”

via birds in the trees on Bols
Prosecutor based Kit
– Stormclad Eternal Prosecutors (Flyers armed with spears & shields, or hammers)
– New Realm of Battle “Age of Sigmar” tile
– White Dwarf cover will feature a Prosecutors unit atop the new tile.

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