Yesterday while I was out doing other stuff... yea I do other stuff, my order from Hawk Wargames came in... and whoa.... a Dropfleet Commander model arrived for preview. It was unexpected, but just awesome to get a preview model for game, although I know that you can get this guy or see him, at shows.

This is a UCM Avenger, the game sized model of the huge and incredibly done model that follows the Hawk Team around at events everywhere.

Here is a quick pic of the guy I received. I will be painting him up this weekend. So while there is not much to review on him, there is a lot of detail there, and he is pewter. I really want to see the Battleships and Cruisers in the UCM ship image above at the top. Perhaps at Nova.

Keeping an eye out as always for more Dropfleet on the Hawk Wargames Facebook page.
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