Its well known that Khorne will occupy much of the month for the Age of Sigmar. We had not yet seen prices for them, which are here, along with some previous info on what is coming around the corner.

Thankyou Larry for posting these up earlier today.
Please remember that these are rumors until confirmed.

via Bird In the Trees on Bols
Early August:
Khorne Lord blister @$35
Plastic Khorne Blood Reavers, 10 w/ new weapon for @$55

Mid August:
Plastic Flesh Hounds, 5 for @$45  

Late August:
Plastic Chaos Chosen/Blood Warriors, 5 models w/ new weapon options @$55

Previous Rumors:
– As mentioned, August holds Chaos terrain kits and Khorne minis.– Look for a Khorne set of Blood Warriors with more weapon options.– Look for 1-2 Khorne clampack characters.– Into September look for a second Campaign book featuring Skaven, Dwarfs, Elfs, Tzeentch.– Tzeentch will get a handful of new kits.– There will be a very short 40K Tzeentch release window alongside the kits.– Summer is rounded out by more Age of Sigmar racial kits then back to 40K for Fall.

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