If you like Dwarves, they are not forgotten in the new Age of Sigmar book, and neither are the Skaven. The latest leaked images show them off, and we have some additional details on the Duardin. Here is the latest leaked images and information.

leaked images via Atia

The Great Horned Rat

Additional information on the Duardin.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
a quote for the Duardin Fyreslayers
"For enough Ur-gold, the Fyreslayers will fight anyone.

The first strikes of the Stormcast Eternal were against the Chaos foces in Aqushy. Yet other forces rose up to battle also. the flame beareded Fyreslayers emerged from the mountains, marching down the ironways. While Sigmar had alwasy counted the Forge-Father Grungni and his offstpring amonst his closest allies, these Duarddin worshipped the god Grimnir, and were far more mercenary. They fought against Chaos, but only for payment in Ur-gold. More disturbing still, if a counter-offer was generous enough, the Fyreslayters would just as willingly fight alongside Chaos armies."
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