There are many dataslates that have been released in the past that are not currently up to date with the latest Space Marine codex and of course, Dark Angels. The question comes... will these be updated to the new codices? Here is the Black Library's response to the question.

Thanks to Dean for sending this in and permission to use his name.

via Dean on Faeit 212
Hi Black Library Team,
Just wanted to check now the New Space Marine and Dark Angel Codex's have come out are all the dataslates still valid for them?

Strike Force Ultra, Reclusiam Command Squad, Adeptus Astartes Storm Wing all have different rules in the codex compared to the dataslate

Additionally The Unrelenting Hunt, Tyrannic War Veterans are not in the codex's are these still valid.

I also notice that the Librarius Conclave for Dark Angels has been taken down from your site is that no longer valid.

Hi Dean.
Thanks for contacting us. There will be new versions for the older dataslates released in the near future that will conform to the current codex changes.

In the meantime there's no reason why you can't use the dataslates that you have with the current Codexes with a bit of manipulation in terms of rules as long as your gaming group are happy for you to do so.
Black Library Customer Services
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