Two releases today for Forgeworld, Perturabo, Primarch of the Iron Warriors and a Night Lords Legion Tranfer Sheet. Anytime a new Primarch is released for the Horus Heresy Character Series I call it a good day. I still recall when these models were nothing more than a wish, a unicorn rumor sighting, and a hope that someday these would come. Perturabo is another great release.

Perturabo awesome, and I like the model. Night Lords Legion transfer sheet..... What is that on it? OK, huge fan of the Night Lords here, and I love the lighting (I suck at painting it, and have tried countless times for my old Night Lords), but what are those reapers? I may have missed something, but when is death something in the realm of Terror. Perhaps Mortorian is their new Primarch?

OK. sorry... but huge long time die hard fan of the Night Lords for 17 years. I guess I just never thought of the Reaper with scythe as being part of the iconology of the Night Lords. Feels a little Death Guard/ Mortorian to me. Love the rest though.especially the single wings with a sideways skull. (and the lightning)


Perturabo, Primarch of the Iron Warriors £70.00
Night Lords Legion Transfer Sheet £16.00
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