Along with the rules for the latest Chaos Knight release from Forgeworld, questions were raised about the wording of adding "Daemon of X" upgrades to the unit. Of course Forgeworld answers.

The Question and answer were sent in via a reader on Faeit 212.

The Question
Just want to know for certain if a 'Daemon Aligned with X' means the same thing as 'Daemon of X', the wording has already caused a bit of a tizzy on the internet, and I want to make sure of absolutely everything before I playtest a couple of these monsters.

Forgeworld Answers
A daemon of X is for all intense and purposes aligned in any way to the chosen daemon (nurgle, tzeench, khorne, slaanesh) meaning gains the benefit of that daemon lore from the chosen publication (not all but only for the chosen army that it will be with)

Forge World
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