The Age of Sigmar book has a lot to check out, and in it are pictures that reveal what the following weeks may have in store for us. Check out the latest pics and see what is coming down the line.

via a Reader on Faeit 212
while taking a closer look at the pics inside the recently released AoS 
book i found some interesting things, seems like Stormcast Eternals will 
get 2 additional Lord Heroes and Retributors and Prosecutors will get 
several weapon options as well.

On the Pictures you can see Retributors holding Spears and Halbeards (or 
maybe axes?) while in the background are some prosecutors also holding 
spears (and maybe shields? at least the lower one does look like hes got 
something in his left hand).

On the Pages describing a typical Stormcast Army are drawings of 2 
Lord(?) types we haven't seen yet, on with a standard and one with sword 
and trumpet. Maybe Stormcasts will get an option for musician and bearer 
just like the chaos boys.

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