Much better than a bases release week, this week is loaded. Of course we know it starts off with Paladins, but from there it steps up and with some terrain, Slyvaneth, and More.

As we get more information we will get it out on what these new releases are!

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
Next week is more interesting than the Judicator and bases one.
Stormcast Eternals Paladins
Numinous Occulum
Dragonfate Dais
Sylvaneth Dryads (I Imagine these are just repacks with round bases and
new Slyvaneth name)
Sylvaneth Treelord
Sylvaneth Forest Spirit Warhost
Realmgate Wars: Warstorm (don't know if this is just a novel, black
library just started a series named Realmgate wars too)
Chaos Cultist Activity Paint set

Here is where you can see the new Terrain pieces!!! Leaked images
via Gametrust,warhammer-age-sigmar-bilder-numinous-occulum-dragonfate-dais-gelaende,id44647.html


via Tabletop Amigos

Leaked images at the link by Atia on WarofSigmar

Stormcast Eternals Paladins (Protectors, Decimators, Retributors, Glaives, Axes, Hammers) 
Dragonfate Dias 
Numunous Occulum
Also, we should get a repacking with new bases/box-art for Dryads and the Treelord, as far as i know.
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