The dice shakers are made of resin? Thats quite a bit of resin. Also some details on Liberators, the Age of Sigmar book, and even Gorkamorka. Here is the latest on the Age of Sigmar.

via ShadowWolf32387 on Faeit 212
So, here's the juicy stuff that hasn't fully made the rounds or hasn't been covered:

The greathammer and greatblade are not restricted to the Liberator Prime, they are a "1 for every 5" kind of thing..
The Age of Sigmar book is NOT a rulebook.
The Age of Sigmar book comes in as hardback and is 264 pages with fluff following that of the starter set, 8 new battleplans, new warscrolls, and other tidbits.
Think of the Age of Sigmar book as a campaign part 2 in the same vein of the Sanctus Reach and Shield of Baal sets.
The dice shakers themselves are made of resin.
Gorkamorka is confirmed as the Orruk god, and he actually rebels against Sigmar.
Nagash and Gorkamorka end up being why Sigmar's alliance ultimately falls apart before the setting for Age of Sigmar.
Based on an image in the White Dwarf, the Liberators are not restricted to one weapon type in their unit and can mix and match weapon types.

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