Something is going on, buried in the financial report that was just released is a bit on a new "Forgeworld Mail Order Store.... on the same platform as the Citadel mail order store." Interesting to see what this ends up being. With the new 30k rumors suggesting a new line, past rumors seem to be coming to light with Forgeworld products.

Here is what was sent in, and thank you. Besides the basics of we are still here, financial statements are not my personal cup of tea. I know many people enjoy digging through them.

via a reader on Faeit 212
I have just read most of the GW annual report and I would like to bring one
part of their plan for 2015 to your attention:

"Forge World mail order store. To protect our sales we are building a new 
Forge World mail order store on the same platform and hosting environment 
as our Citadel mail order store and migrating all products and imagery. It 
is on track with a scheduled go live date in the summer of 2015."
I hope this means it will be in GW website, that way we may be able to use 
online vouchers for ForgeWorld products.

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