Up for pre-orders, someone is claiming to have had the book in hand briefly.... just to give us a quick report what they saw. There are no pictures that were sent in alongside this, but the sender said he could not get them.

Please remember that these are rumors, always take with a little salt.

via a reader on Faeit 212
Hey there!
sorry for my maybe poor english it isnt my
natural language

I am kind of lucky and did get a good view on the following book of Age of
Sigmar that will follow and was up for preorder today. You can even say i
am holding it right here and now in my hands.
I can say, that battleplans or the names for "Scenario" its the mission you
have to do. like disrupting a ritual and so on. In every battleplan there
is listed what goals the different parties have to achieve before you
display your army you cannot even be sure if you are the person for the
defense or the offense. But if one of the player got 33% more models he is
in the offense otherwise you can either roll a dice to decide who will take
which side, or decide by yourself.

And i got the warscrolls for a sylvaneth army which have to include 3
treelords/ancients 2 units dryads and 2 Sylvaneth woods (the GW woods you
can buy rules for them are in the book) rules of the Organisation: You do
set up the woods after placing your army anywhere onto the map. And you can
say that part of your organisaton units will hide in a "sacred hideout" or
something similiar, i got the german version. And you can put the units
into reserve instead of deploying at start of the game and they can arrive
in 3" of a woold and 9" away from the enemy
There is a organisation for the new heroes of the eternals which will push
the enemys away if all 3 heroes are in 3" of each others.
enemy units in 3" have to retreat on a 4+ in theire movement phase.
Rules for the Treelord, ancient treelord dryads are included in the book.
Even so the Gryph Hounds, judicators and Prosecutors and i can definitely
see on a picture that the Prosectures do have the opportunity to equip a
shield and a spear. They do really look very Valkyre like that way! (Even
so the rules for that option arent inserted yet in the book an so are not
the other weapon options for the Retributors)

And what i have seen so far rules for parts of the fire realm are included.
Every wizard knows an additional Spell "Fireball" , missile Weapons whiche
are fired at a range larger than 12" can reroll 1 to wound and all terrain
do block line of sight, so you cannot look through a wood and so on. And
there are blood Geysirs on the map who may explode if you come near.
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