Warhammer World has a lot to see, and many of us will either never get to see it in person. I personally have never been there, and one day would like to. Add this to the bucket list.

Thankfully one of the readers here recently spent some time in Nottingham, and has loaded up a ton of pictures for us to check out. A huge thank you.

So I’m back from Nottingham Warhammer World and sorted all my photos and uploaded them to Flickr.
The quality isn't great because I shot it all with my iPhone 4 (and it’s extremely hard with the light and glass).. I might return one day with a decent camera but I’d probably be taking days to get it all the shots right. Now it was just snap snap away. There was simply so much, I spent two afternoons in and around the place.
There are definitely some better pictures around (like from the opening) but this is basically a huge sorted archive, sort of a virtual tour I guess ;) Like you said many people never get the chance to get there so especially for them it’s great to get a sense of what’s there.


Exhibition hall 5 at the moment contains the Age of Sigmar models and diorama, and the latest Golden Demon winners. There were no new models - not even in the diorama, just the starter set. But there was a lot of artwork I hadn’t seen before (it’s probably all in the new book though). Temporary setup, nice nonetheless.

So, feel free to post it on the blog. Would appreciate it!

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