Now all the current factions for the Dropzone Commander have been talked about with the release of the latest article from Dropzone Commentor. If you are new or even a veteran of this game, its worth checking out this series, as it highlights a lot on each factions strengths and weaknesses for the game. Each faction has a link now, so that you can check out each article and really decide where your interests lay.

Choosing a DZC Force Series
Part 1: The United Colonies of Mankind (UCM)
Part 2: The Scourge
Part 3: The Post-Human Republic (PHR)
Part 4: The Shaltari
Part 5: The Resistance

Choosing a DzC Force, Part 5: The Resistance
Scourge invasion of human-occupied Earth and Cradle Worlds was an extinction-level event. Billions died in torrents of plasma-fire, and billions more were captured to become slave-hosts to the nightmarish parasites. But not all those left behind suffered the same fate. The pockets of free men and women rebuilt their lives in the shadow of destruction, forming new societies and raising up new leaders from the ashes to take the fight back to the invaders. 

When the UCM encounters these forces over 160 years later at the beginning of their Reconquest, they find what are essentially entirely new human cultures: disciplined bands of fighters carefully tending ancient military hardware; creative survivors who have crafted strange patchwork weapons to turn the weapons of the enemy against them; savage tribes of bloodthirsty maniacs who terrorize Scourge and humans alike. Collectively, the UCM designates these wildly-disparate groups “the Resistance,” but the only thing all hold in common is the skill to survive and a burning hatred of their Scourge oppressors.

If you want to check out the models for the Resistance... here is a link to the Hawk Wargames site for the Resistance.

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