If you are new to Dropzone Commander, it can be a challenge to pick the right army to start up. Finding out exactly what army plays in to your playstyle can be costly as well, if you later decide that the army you choose was not the one you wanted. The latest article on the Dropzone Commentor helps…

Choosing a DzC Force, Part 4: The Shaltari

The Shaltari Tribes
The warlike, ancient people of the Shaltari are Dropzone Commander‘s “precursor race.” The technology they shared with Earth took humanity to the stars, ushered in its golden age…and ultimately led to its downfall. As an effectively immortal species, the Shaltari are masters of both technology (such as teleportation and cloning) and devastating weapons utterly beyond the ken and capacity of mankind – all of which give them tremendous advantages over other, “lesser” species like the humans and Scourge. Shaltari infantry universally employ massive power armor suits during combat, alongside 30 ft. tall warstriders bristling with weapons and cloaked in force fields, making them a terror to any who dare stand against them. This combination of high tech, diminutive stature, virtual immortality, use of powered armor, and naming conventions based on Earth tribes reminds the Dropzone Commenter team quite a bit of Stargate‘s Asgard and Vanir alien races.

If you want to check out the models for the Shaltari... here is a link to the Hawk Wargames site for Shaltari http://www.hawkwargames.com/collections/shaltari

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