The Cult Mechanicus is right around the corner, and this week will see the first releases. We have seen all the models in a leaked poster, but still have very little information as to what some of these units are like on the tabletop. Now we are getting some rumored info on the troop units for the Cult Mechanicus.

I am assuming these come not from this weekend's White Dwarf, but the following. Hard to tell, but any early information is better than nothing.

Please remember that these are early rumors, and as such there is room for error.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
for cult mechanicus the new troop units are breachers and destroyers. they are expensive being 50+pts for each model starting with a unit of 3. each has 2 wounds, so they look like they will be durable enough. they come with special rules that allow them to fire two weapons each round, and are relentless.

for destroyers the heavy grav cannon is a nice upgrade to replace the plasma culverin. It also comes with a phospher blaster, allowing it to fire a lot of shots.

breachers i like better, but only come with a single ranged weapon. these are the close combat guys, but come with better ranged weapon options, a heavy arc rifle that has haywire, or a new exotic weapon that does extra wounds with high strength and ap1.
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