It's been revealed that there is a new Assault Marine Squad and Devastator Squad box set release coming up soon for Space Marines, and I have heard whispers that there will be 3 new tanks or sorts (I can't recall where I saw that or id credit it). Here we have Steve the Warboss chiming in on what some of these new box sets will contain.

Please remember that these are rumors.

via Steve the Warboss
Assault Marine Box
-5 Miniatures
-Hands and Arms seperate like Tactical Marine Box
-5x Bolt pistols & Chainswords
-2x Plasma and Grav Pistols
-Same CCW like Tactical Marine Box
-Many Head and Breastplate options
-Most Bitz are Mk6
-no Power Axe
-no Shield
-no special Weapons

Devastator Marine Box
-5 Miniatures
-Same CCW like Tactical Marine Box
-5x Bolter
-1x Combiweapon with Plasma, Flamer, Melta & Grav option
-1x of every heavy weapon
-1x Grav Canon
-Some Mk2 or Mk3 Bitz
-Many Mk5 Bitz
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