One area of modelling that I have spent very little time on is bases. I have looked into it before, but in reality my time does not allow me the opportunity to create my own custom bases. Most of us at one time have considered picking up some custom bases from someone, or have already done so in the past. Here is a quick look at one of the companies that I really like their approach to. A cross between the aesthetics and the functionality is important when it comes to getting your bases right.

You might remember that around Christmas time we did a couple random drawings with prizes for a couple companies (Frontline Gaming, Mad Robot, and Hawk Wargames). In the near future I would like to do a few more of these. So looking further into other companies that are out there, and of an interest to the readers here on this site, is something of an interest to me. If there are other companies out there that really interest you, and you enjoy what they provide, shoot me an email.

Thirdeyenuke Studio
The info about our company and bases:

Thirdeyenuke studio specialises in miniature painting and we are known for realistic and dark looking style. When it comes to the basing, we like to keep it simple, it is realistic and not overcrowded, so it doesn't take away from the model itself. We were often complemented on our bases and asked how they are made, which made us thinking about producing our own resin bases. A few times in the past we did have clients request to buy already made resin bases from other companies to go better with the theme of the army. Majority of time, I would have to spend some time carving into the resin base, so the model can be placed flat in the middle. I have spoken to other hobbyists and they did agree that they've had the same experience. I find that many designs out there look nice by themselves, but do not provide an easy and functional placement for the models.

Also a strong theme, like lava, sculls, shrine or tech have  lots of details and require more painting, which at the end in my view clashed with the details and painting of the model. From my experience I find that the models look best on a plainer base, as the base should not "embellish" the model, but be like a backdrop for it.

We designed our bases alike the ones we make for the clients, the design is minimal, but look like a realistic rocky environment and we didn't overcrowd them, so they allow for easy model positioning. The base could be painted in various colour schemes, which allows to transform it into different environments. It can be plain grey and brown rocky with grass to imitate a plain; or sandy colour with lots of pigments to make it look like a desert waist-land or reddish pigments to make it into a Mars desert; it could be enhanced with olive drab or other brown/green paints and with a bit of water effect, it could transform into a swamp.

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