There has been a lot of talk today about the new Kataphron Destroyers/ Breachers, and the massive amount of firepower these guys have. Heavy Grav Cannons, Plasma Culverins on a troop choice with a Toughness of 5 with 2 wounds looks like a strong unit.

The guys at Gametrust just sent us in a set of translations from German to English. So thank you!!

here is a link to the previous sets today about the Kataphron Destroyers if you are just catching up now.

via the guys at Gametrust
thank you for linking to us, many use our pictures but don’t even give us some credits.
For this, only you will get the english translation of the new troops rules for Cult Mechanicus

if this weapon is used as defensive Fire (it can be used for defensive Fire) it will automatic do 3 Wounds instant of W3

if the Torsion Weapons make a wound, you have to roll a d3 dice for the wound, on non vehicle models it makes d3 wounds and on Vehicles it make d3 hull damage

Hydraulic Claw - Iron hold
double you strange to max of 10 with punch of 2 
You hit with your normal initiative of 3

Heavy Combatservitor rule
you can fire up twice a weapon even if you move
But you can’t run

You can take up to 9 models, so you will have a troop of max 12 models

via Cedric Dupont in the Comment Section
Translation of the Equipment's french rules : 
Kataphron Assault Armor : save 3+
Kataphron Half-Armor : Save 4+
Arc Claw : Melee, S+1, AP5, Haywire
Hydraulic Claw : Melee, S+2, Unwielddy, At the end of the assault phase, you can do an additional attack with Strenght X2 (max S10)
Cognis Flamer : template S4 AP5 Assault, when used at overwatch, 3 hits instead of 1D3
Heavy Arc Rifle : 36" S6 AP5 heavy 2 Haywire
Heavy Grav Cannon : 30", F*, AP2, Salvo 4/6 Concussive Grav
Phosphor Blaster : 24", S5, AP4, Rapid Fire, Luminagen : a unit wich take a damage or lost a wound by these munitions, take a -1 cover save penalty till the end of the phase. When a unit charge this target, they can reroll their Charge roll
Plasma Culverin : 24", S7, AP2, Heavy 2, Blast, Gets hot. 

Torsion Cannon : 24", S8, AP1," heavy 1, 1 Penetrating hit = 1D3 HP lost. 1 wound = 1D3 wound lost. (After Succesfull wound/hit and save failed) 
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